Fast Facts About Consumer Credit Counseling

Consumer credit counseling companies come in different variations. Some are non-profit, some charge small fees. No consumer credit counseling company should charge excessive fees or take a large amount out of payments that you make. There are some unethical companies out there that will do this, so it’s a good idea to check for reliable agencies.The AICCCA (Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies) is one organization that can assist you in finding a reliable choice. There are also christian faith-based consumer credit counseling companies that appeal to some people who are looking for spiritual advice as well.If you know someone who’s used a consumer credit counseling company you can ask them who they used. You should also refer to the Better Business Bureau and even after making a decision closely review the monthly statements you should be receiving from your counseling company.The purpose of these services is to not only manage and negotiate your debt, but provide you with a new strategy for how to use your credit in the future. This is important to make sure you won’t have the same issues later down the road.You should be willing to learn a new budget and change your spending habits, as the process generally takes years and your having needed help to deal with your credit will show in your credit report to future lenders. That being said it can be very beneficial to learn a new financial plan based off of your income and expenses.A credit advisor is an expert that will work individually with you, and will keep your personal information between you. Sometimes consumer credit counselling may also involve a class you can attend on spending habits or a pamphlet with information that can help.One way your debt may be managed is with what is called a DMP (Debt Management Plan.) It’s important to keep in mind that the FTC warns about any institution that offers this as your only option. With a DMP, your credit counselor will negotiate with your creditors to waive fees and lower your interest rate. By doing this they can lower your monthly payments, allowing you to repay your debt in full over some time.While you are paying off your debt you will have to agree not to take out more. Usually a DMP involves sending payments directly to the institution providing your consumer credit counseling. These payments will then be sent to your creditors one by one. When this occurs you should review your statements for accuracy.There are also other things that are offered during good consumer credit counseling. You may be presented with a plan for debt restructuring. You might also be spoken to about debt settlement, where a lump sum payment is made.Alternatively in consumer credit counseling you may be suggested debt consolidation. In any case you should be sincere in wanting to solve your debt issue and involved in the details of your agreement when made. With a little attention to detail and a serious ambition to get back on track, you can restore your credit.

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