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Happiness Isn’t a Blessing, It’s a Choice

If we count our blessings, happiness is definitely in there. But, many things are considered a blessing. Like fame and good fortune, as well as a happy family. Blessings are good things in our lives. Things that make us feel good about life. But as much as happiness makes us feel good, it is a choice we make.You can take two people, put them in the same situation and one will be happy with where they are or what happens. Yet the other will be sad or concerned that things may not turn out well. A lot of which is based on personal experience. The choices each will make or the results one expects whenever they find themselves in a tough situation.We cannot rule out genetics either. The way we look at things is ingrained into our genetic make up. Although we can learn to compensate for our genetic responses we are likely to have to work at it for most of our lives. Unfortunately, having happy parents does not insure that you will have a happy disposition. Because it can be passed on invisibly, your parents parents can be responsible for your disposition.As I said, you can learn to compensate for habits or behaviours that interfere with your happiness. Sometimes it takes an outsider to help you see those areas in your life where your thinking may be flawed. This is why there are life coaches and counsellors. They are trained to help you learn where you can improve your life and compensate for things that may be keeping your from being truly happy. So as much as our character affects our ability to be happy. In many ways happiness is a choice.We need to remember that truly successful people tend to be happy. Happy with their lives, the choices they make, and themselves. For some of them it comes naturally. For others it is the result of a lot of work. In either case, in many cases, happiness is a choice. A choice they make because they know that being happy allows them to make better decisions. Those decisions means happier results and more success.So is happiness a blessing. For many people it is, because they find it hard to be happy. For others it is not, because they find it easier to be happy. But in either case happiness is generally a choice. Because happiness is a relative idea. For a person with nothing one thousand dollars can mean happiness. For a millionaire one thousand dollars, not so much.But another person with nothing could look at that same thousand dollars and become upset because now they have to decide what to spend it on. Or whether to spend it at all. After all if they spend it they won’t have one thousand dollars anymore. Then they will be back to having nothing. Then they will never get another thousand because of how they wasted this thousand dollars.They have made a choice to worry about having one thousand dollars instead of being happy that they have it. Worry was their choice, it could have been happiness, or excitement. Each is a choice that could be made. Mostly based on their genetic makeup. But they can learn to focus on happiness regardless of what their natural reaction would be.So learn to make happiness your choice. If you find that difficult, you may want to consider getting the help of a coach or counsellor to get your life on track and focused on success and happiness.